Cyber Liability and your Assisted Living Facility

For our Assisted Living Facilities :

Our Plastridge  Healthcare Facility Risk update for April 2022

Todays technology has definitely helped ease many processes and tasks that were once very time consuming. What used to be paper medical files, bank records, or really any personal information is now at our fingertips with the click of a button. Unfortunately with the good comes the bad, which in this case are the hackers!

Hackers are becoming more clever every day with ways to scam and feed their greed.  In response, the insurance industry created what’s know as Cyber Insurance.  Cyber Insurance has quickly become one of the most important insurance policies a business can purchase.  This coverage assists in mitigating the harm from hackers by covering the costs to your business in the case of a data breach or cyber attack and any legal claims brought against your business.

Cyber coverage can be broken down into two major areas:

1). First Party Damages which offers liability coverage as protection against a claim of damages as the direct result of a data breach. This coverage may include cover for the cost of things like the loss of electronic data, cyber extortion, Security Fixes, Cyber Forensics, Fraud Monitoring, Credit Monitoring, Business Reputation are some of the main coverages.

2). Third Party Damages. which covers damage incurred by a third party for Accidental Virus Transmission, Negligence to Protect Your Customers Information, Media Liability Claims, Regulatory Proceedings, Fines, Legal Costs and Settlements.

For you, protecting your clients is your highest priority, and we want to protect you and your business, and Cyber coverage is one of the ways we can help do that.

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