Workers Compensation and your Assisted Living Facility

For our Assisted Living Facilities :

Our Plastridge  Healthcare Facility Risk update for December 2021

Workers Compensation provides coverage for all full-time and part-time employees in the event that they become injured or sick on the job. It will cover Owners and Officers depending on the application and the Owners inclusion or exclusion on the policy. In many states, a policy will cover uninsured subcontractors and 1099 employees if they do not have their own coverage in place. As a general rule, employers with at least one employee should have coverage.  Our state has a four employee requirement but we recommend purchasing coverage even with just one employee for your protection.

With Workers Compensation, the premium is derived  by payroll multiplied by the rate given by the National Counsel on Compensation Insurance “NCCI”.  Every year an audit will be conducted.  This audit will determine if you are owned back money or if you owe more money. With work comp you pay for what you use only.  Monthly self reporting is the best option for payment method with these policies to avoid costly audits.

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